How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6 – Full Guide!

How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6 Pro

How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6


Hello friends, Android 9 Pie has started rolling out in many devices, but still not everyone knows about it. There are hardly few of peoples who knows about Android 9 Pie availability. That’s why here i will tell you How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6 .

In this case if you want to install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6 and want to use all its latest features. So the tips and trick which i am going to shere here can help you to use Android 9 Pie Latest OS features in your Redmi Note 6.

Guys as you all know android 9 pie got launched this year. But it will still take some time to roll out in each and every phone. Still if you are someone like me who want use all the features as well as experience Android Pie On Redmi Note 6, then keep reading this post.


How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6

Google recently launched its upgraded android Version which is also known as Android pie 9. Currently this update is not available for all the android device, but still you can download it from various site and flash it over your phone.

But do you know, for all these things you have to root your phone, install Twrp recovery as well as you have to unlock bootloader of your phone. All these things can be little risky. So why not just follow the some given below tips and get android pie features on Redmi note 6 without rooting your phone. By using some different apps we can make our current OS like Android 9 Pie.



1 – How to get Android Pie Pixel Launcher?

If we have to change the default UI of a Smartphone, then we need a launcher for it. Which installs in our phone with our old UI and creates a new UI Look for our phone and can be customized according to our preference.

How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6 Pro

Android 9 pie launcher

In the same way, if we want to get android 9 look, then we have to install flick launcher on our phone. once you install it on your phone, Just tap on screen and go to setting & customize icon size, icon and design according to your preference.

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2 –  How to get Android Pie Gesture Navigation?

One of the biggest change i have noticed in android 9 pie is how we navigate our phone. Yes on android 8 oreo we got to use on screen navigation button but now google has completely removed navigation button and gives iPhone like Gesture navigation.

How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6 Pro

Android 9 Pie navigation geustre

Since there are lots of gesture application available on Google play store. But we found XDA developers are offering the best gesture navigation for Android.

This app gives iPhone X-like pill at the bottom of the screen and it can be customized in our own way. You can download it from here. Also, you can check out the XDA developers video for more installation information.

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3 – How to get Android Pie Notification Shade?

On Android 9 pie update notification panel has been totally changed From round edged card notifications to quick toggle icons. In simple word notification panel has been revamped into a new look and feel.

To customize the Notification panel, the app we need is called Power Shade app, it is a Free App and we can convert the old Notification panel to new android 9 pie notification panel with ease.

How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6 Pro

Android 9 pie notification panel

Once installed give it some necessary permission and it will immediately revamp our notification panel in new look.

We can also customize or change status bar size, color of Bar, Shape, Icon according to our need.

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4 – How to get Android Pie Icons?

Now you will notice some beautiful changes on your phone and to make your phone look completely like Android 9 pie another thing you need to do is change the default icon of your phone.

Yes android pie comes with rounded icon. For this purpose you can use Pixel icon pack which you can get from Play store for free of cost. This app is compatible with Flick Launcher.

How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6 Pro

Android 9 pie

All you have to do is after installing the app go to launcher setting and Select Pixel icon pack under Icon Option.

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4 – How to get Android Pie Volume Slider?

In android 9 pie Volume rocker has been also changed as compared to android oreo. In android 9 pie Volume rocker has changed from a horizontal drop-down at the top of the screen to a vertical bar along the right center of the display. It gives a fresh new look to our phone.

How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6 Pro

Android 9 pie volume slider

To install android 9 pie volume slider on Redmi Note 6, you have to download an app called Android Pie’s Volume Slider from Play Store. Now for replacing your default volume slider into anew one you need to enable Accessibility Services for the app. That’s all now enjoy the fresh new volume slider on Redmi Note 6.

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5 – How to get Android Pie Screenshot Editor?

Yes now you can edit your screenshot before sending it some one. All you need to do to use this app is download “Markup” app. from play store and install it on your android smartphone.

How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6 Pro

Android 9 pie Screenshot editor

Now after taking screenshot click on share button and share it with Markup app.  Here you will get all the necessary features to edit a screenshot.

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Note : Once Android 9 pie will release for Redmi Note 6, We will also post a guide on How to download and install android 9 pie on xiaomi redmi note 6.


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Friends this was the complete guide on How to Install Android 9 Pie on Redmi Note 6. In this article we actually told you about How to use all the android 9 pie feature on your redmi Note 6  without actually flash Android 9 pie.If you found this article helpful, then please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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