How to Hide Display Notch on any Xiaomi device [No Root Required]

Hide notch on android

Last year Apple launched the first smartphone with Notch display which was iPhone x. Later on Notch design has became a trend among Smartphone manufacturer. Almost all the Smartphone manufacturer company including latest flagships from Apple, OnePlus, Asus, Huawei, and more are coming-up with Notch display. However some find it very cool but most of the users are not liking the annoying notch over their phone. That’s why we are sharing a simple guide on How to Hide Display Notch on any Xiaomi device. The best part is it don’t require Root access.


Notch Phone

Hide Display Notch on any Xiaomi device

To give you a better overview about Notch – Notch is a annoying glass in the top middle of the screen which is not part of the display. While to get rid from this annoying notch you have two option. Whether you can purchase a new phone which comes without Notch or if you have already purchased a notch display phone then you can hide the notch through a very simple app.


How to Hide Notch on any Xiaomi device?

Step 1: First of all you need to download an app called Nacho Notch. This app is available on Google Play store. You can directly download it from the given below link.

How to Hide Notch on any Xiaomi device

Install Nacho Notch for free from the Google Play Store


Step 2: To keep all the functionality simple and easy, Developer has not created an app icon for this app. To easily manage the option they created a Quick Settings tile to make it easy to enable and disable notch feature.

By default the app will not show you in Notification, You have to manually add into the tiles list.

So go to Notification panel and tap on the option to edit quick setting tiles.

How to Hide Notch on any Xiaomi device

Step 3 : There you will find nacho notch app in the quick settings, drag it to visible tile section and you are done.

How to Hide Notch on any Xiaomi device

Now anytime you can on and off notch directly from your notification panel.


How to Hide Notch on any android Phone ?


Conclusion :

Friends, this was the easy guide on How to Hide Notch on any Xiaomi device? I hope you will find it helpful. Please share this article with your friEnds on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.


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